Inside or Outside your home

If you call on your service provider to repair a fault a BT Openreach telephone engineer will come out to your home to repair any phone line fault, they will charge you if its found that the phone line fault is within your home rather than an external fault, again if the fault is your own equipment they will only disconnect the fault not repair it, resulting in you then needing our service to reconnect and repair your internal phone extensions and outside telephone bells etc.
BT line faults
Although we are not able to resolve a BT line fault, we can help you to identify that the outside line is in-fact faulty and therefore avoid incurring a charge by a BT Openreach telephone engineer for a non-faulty line call out.

Problems with wireless broadband:

Sometimes a simple solution is to install a telephone socket into the centre of the property and connect your wireless router into it, if that isn’t going to resolve the wireless internet\broadband problem then a more in depth solution is required.
Having already had experience of many problems within the home phone\broadband we feel that we offer a very reasonable priced service that resolves your home network problems cheaply and effectively in a reasonable time. If you have spent the last three hours of your life trying to communicate with a call centre somewhere on the other side of the world then you need to give us a call, you will speak direct to an English speaking telephone engineer that understands all your questions and problems that you have.

This is the type of phone socket supplied by service providers and is named the NTE5 (master socket) which should be the first socket in the premises, this is what decides who owns the wiring and who is responsible for repairs.